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Showing posts from August, 2009

A long day

Finally ADC 2 closed, I could have a good night sleep today.
Right before the closure, I submitted following changes.

1.Color Picker Sphere now has a small circle showing where to click to confirm selection.  Coding OpenGL is fun :)

2. A bit performance improvement.  Thanks to the great log/tool making it as easy as ABC.

A: Add a log point

 // Method tracing to "/sdcard/requestPage.trace"
Debug.startMethodTracing("requestPage"); //Code's subjected to profiling
// Stop Method tracing           

B: Visualize
>traceview requestPage.trace

C.Working on the hot spots

3.Change webView loading & a few cosmetic stuffs

instead of


Turns out that loadData() actually loading data as a data:Uri way, which is not really good for some unicode data

TextReader.PDF for Android 1.5

My 1st Android AP is finally finished & submitted to the Market.
Just beat the deadline of ADC 2 :)
Here are some screenshots: